Tim Dupell

The Economic Implications of Investing in Mental Health Promotion and Prevention Programs

Investing in mental health promotion and prevention programs is a proactive approach that improves individual well-being and yields significant economic benefits. This article explores the economic...

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Unveiling the Relationship Between Subjective Health and Happiness: Lessons from the United States

Subjective health and happiness are essential to overall well-being, reflecting the interplay between physical, mental, and emotional dimensions. Understanding the intricate connection between subj...

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Understanding the Economic Concept of Well-being

The economic concept of mental health recognizes the substantial influence of psychological well-being on economic development and prosperity. Beyond its personal and social implications, mental he...

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From Schizophrenia to Functional Psychoses: The Evolution of Mental Illness Classification

In the mental health field, the classification of psychiatric disorders has long been discussed and debated. One area that has seen significant evolution in recent years is the categorization of sc...

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Empowering Emotional Wellbeing: Cultivating Resilience in the Healthcare Workforce

The emotional wellbeing of healthcare professionals is vital for their fulfilment and the provision of high-quality care. In recent times, there has been increasing recognition of the importance of...

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The Transformation of Mental Health Services

People with psychiatric illnesses were mistreated for a very long period. Many medical procedures were cruel and ineffective for the afflicted, from the exorcism of those thought to be demon-posses...

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An Overview of Motherhood-Related Concerns in Adolescents

Anxiety during pregnancy and in the postpartum period has been shown to have negative impacts on children's brain development12,13,16,46. The purpose of this study was to determine whether or not p...

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Mental Health Evaluation in the Real World

There are numerous reasons for mental disorders. This encompasses variables such as genetics, brain development, and environmental influences such as social influences. Many people will suffer fro...

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A Narrative Analysis of Mental Disorders Interventions to Combat Stigma

Stigma is a kind of prejudice that substantially influences the availability of treatment, employment, housing, and insurance. It is a significant public health concern. Public stigma (prejudice an...

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Exploring Occupational Psychological Health Indicators Among Young Adults

Tim Dupell explaines that a recent Mind Share Partners study found that over a third of employed young adults reported experiencing symptoms of mental health conditions, including depression and an...

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