Tim Dupell

About Tim Dupell

Tim Dupell has been working with him for all of his 20-year careers, guiding and supporting therapeutic leaders as they create mental and behavioral health programs for struggling families.

Dupell's knowledge of healthcare, combined with his background in economics and business, enables him to contribute to creating long-term plans for program success. He devotes all of his attention and effort to promoting holistic therapy approaches since doing so will improve family results and long-term patient success.

Internal Motivation to Help Others

Tim is passionate about expanding access to and advocating for mental health treatment to change the world. He learned the need for individualized treatment plans from his experience with dyslexia, dysgraphia, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, addiction, and autism.

He ultimately discovered his passion for this line of work after earning invaluable finance, accounting, and risk management skills. Eventually, he left his CPA consultant job with Ernst & Young to found Family Help & Wellness. This company assists in providing mental and behavioral health services to young people nationwide.

The Commitment of Living to Help Others

After working as a certified public accountant specializing in healthcare and insurance, Dupell started his career in management accounting with HMO Oregon/Capital Health Care. He has seen how sure consumers were being ignored throughout his six years working for the firm.

He eventually attained the position of chief financial officer of The Corvallis Clinic. His understanding helped the clinic achieve long-term financial stability and integrity. In each of these positions, according to Dupell, he formed lifelong bonds with outstanding people who care about serving clients, customers, and workers with high levels of respect, decency, and gratitude.

The Advantages of Buying an Apartment

At Physician Partners, Inc., Dupell served as the company's Chief Financial Officer, Secretary, and Treasurer. At this venture-backed firm, he was finally in command of the whole financial operations of the business.

He learned from his experience with Physician Partners, Inc. the importance of finding medical professionals who genuinely desire to help the families in their neighborhood. The quality of care that doctors and educators provide improves and is more dependable when they take responsibility for their job.

Tim could see the link between sustainable business models and dependable, high-quality healthcare services through his work with healthcare clinics and networking with direct-care providers.

Using Historical Information to Help Current Patients

Dupell accepted a position with a major supplier of services for problematic adolescents after discovering that he wanted to deal more directly with troubled teenagers. As CFO and Executive Vice President, Dupell handled the business's financial, legal, risk management, and information technology activities.

Nearing the conclusion of his almost five-year tenure with the organization, he hoped to offer more direct support to individuals and their families. Tim saw the forest's therapeutic potential and wanted to make it accessible to distressed families.

Optimum Health & Family Support

Dupell co-founded Family Help & Wellness in 2008, intending to provide therapy leaders with the tools they need to provide the best care. He is one of 30 minority investors and an advocate for mental health.

The group's initial program was called WinGate Wilderness Therapy. Dupell co-founded WinGate with seasoned doctors and field experts to provide disturbed youngsters with outdoor treatment. Over the following years, Tim received several requests from eminent clinical practitioners and program administrators to develop or fund a wide range of new initiatives.

A national nonprofit organization, Family Help & Wellness, provides 19 programs with money, information technology, and best practices management. Young adults and adolescents struggling with mental and behavioral health have access to residential and outdoor programs.

Dupell made it a point to work with people who "have a strong sense of purpose and care for others." The majority of FHW's stockholders are either active academics or physicians.

The FHW family of therapists and educators treat their patients by utilizing relational, empirically supported therapeutic modalities and experiential exercises. From the wide range of resources provided by various programs, adolescents and young adults acquire the necessary abilities to achieve their way.

Interests Away from Work

Dupell's administrative duties at Family Help & Wellness have been scaled back, giving him more time to devote to his interests. Tim enjoys being outside, running, hiking, and even water skiing. His Lhasa Apsos, Sadie, and Lucy are usually at his side. Tim still finds a history of being a fascinating subject and has always intended to become a history teacher.


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A portrait photograph may be artistic or clinical. Portrait photography, or portraiture, is a type of photography aimed toward capturing the personality of a person or group of people by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses.

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